There are a lot of tourist destinations in the province of Surigao del Norte. One place that initially comes to mind when talking about the province is the island of Siargao, particularly the municipality of General Luna, dubbed as the surfing capital of the Philippines. However, if you believe that Siargao is a wonderful place, wait until you set foot in Sohoton Cove of Bucas Grande Island. Below are five reasons why visiting Sohoton Bucas Grande Island should be included in your to-do list.

5 Reasons Why you should Visit Sohoton Cove

  • A True Natural Wonder

    They say that some natural wonders seem to be alive. Sohoton lagoon perfectly fits this description. The place is just teeming with life. Its crystal clear waters reveal amazing coral formations. Every visitor of the place would surely be mesmerized by its clean lakes, spectacular rock formations, secret caves as well as magnificent sea creatures. If you have been to Coron, Palawan and think that it is charming, Sohoton Surigao is equally or maybe even more pristine.

  • Unique Caving Experience

    Of course, there are many destinations in the country where you can do caving adventure. However, if you want to experience caving and water adventure at the same time, Sohoton Surigao is the place to be. Sohoton caves are partly submerged in sea water. One of them is the Hagukan cave, where you can witness majestic stalactites on its ceiling while you are swimming on its sea floor. Another cave is the Magkukuob cave where you have to jump off a cliff straight to blue-green seawater as your only way out.

  • Natural Habitat of Stingless Jellyfish

    If you think that you can only encounter non-stinging jellyfish in other countries then Sohoton Lagoon will prove you wrong. The Mastiguas papuas or the spotted stingless jellyfish that can be found in the vicinity of the lagoon are present any time of the year with more of them thriving during summer, from the month of June to March.

  • Delicious Local Delicacies

    One thing that many travelers look forward to when going to other places is the kind of foods that they will have a chance to taste, good thing that Bucas Grande Island Surigao, where Sohoton Cove is situated, does not only offer natural wonders, it is also famous for its delicious local delicacies. A visitor will have many choices, from seafood to specialty desserts that are made from local root crops and other local ingredients

  • Highly Affordable

    With all the natural wonders mentioned, one might think that traveling to and taking a tour in Sohoton cove cost a lot. Worry not because there are actually budget-friendly travel packages that you can take advantage of. Such packages may include accommodation, boat transfers, meals and other fees that are required by the local government and resort operators. Getting one of these packages will surely make your adventure easier and more comfortable. When compared to traveling to other tourist destinations in the Philippines, the expenses of going to Sohoton will surely not become a pain in the pocket.

There are a lot more that Sohoton cove can offer but the things mentioned above are enough to make nature and adventure lovers realize that this place is just the perfect go-to destination if one wishes to experience both spectacular nature scenery and unique travel adventure.