The delightfully attractive and charming Sohoton Cove is no doubt the best that the island municipality of Bucas Grande has to offer. The place is just full of astonishing discoveries and everyone who will enter its cave opening will go out spell-bounded. After years of being overshadowed by its more publicized neighbor, the Siargao Island, Bucas Grande Surigao has finally come out of its shell and showed the world that it can keep up with the country’s best in its long list of tourist spots. You might have heard about Sohoton lagoon being featured on television a lot of times lately and finally decided to take your next adventure to this enchanting place. If that is the case, then you would surely find the guidelines when traveling to Sohoton that we will cover here, definitely helpful.

Important Guidelines to Consider when Visiting Sohoton Cove

  • How to get to Bucas Grande Island from Manila and any other place

    Reaching the Island entails one to do a combination of land, sea, and air travel. There are direct flights going to Surigao City from Manila and if you are from the Visayas, particularly Cebu, then you can take a Cebu Pacific flight straight to Siargao Island. Upon reaching the city of Surigao, you will have two options for land travel before you can finally get on board a motorbanca. The first option would be to take a multicab/tricycle ride from the airport going to the Public Market and go straight to Pier 2 where you can find the motorbanca bound for Socorro or the lone municipality of Bucas Grande Island. Now the second option would be to go to the Integrated Terminal which is nearby the airport and take a van or bus which is bound for Cantilan or Tandag. This time, you have to drop at the port of Hayangabon within the municipality of Claver; there you will find bancas which are also bound for Socorro. Note that the travel from Hanyangabon port to Bucas Grande Island Surigao will take less time when compared to traveling directly from Surigao City.

    Now, you may be thinking that it is much of a hassle to reach Bucas Grande Island. Well, that could be the case, especially if it will be your first time, which is why it is highly recommended to get a Sohoton Cove travel package tour for you to lessen the burden as well as travel expenses. Tour packages being offered usually include a round trip boat transfer from Hayangabon port to Socorro and vice versa.

  • Weather

    The weather condition in Bucas Grande Island or even the Sohoton lagoon is the same with the typical tropical climate that the Philippines has. That being said, it is recommended that visitors wear shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, and hats if they want to be more comfortable in the place. Now, when is the perfect time to visit Sohoton Cove Bucas Grande Island? Tourists can actually visit the place any time of the year but since we all have different individual preferences, it helps a lot to note the following weather seasons:

    Dry season – This usually starts from the month of March to May, which are the hottest months since they fall in the summer season. Expect to see an influx of tourists during this season.

    Rainy season– This happens during the month of December going to February. This is considered the low season in terms of the number of tourists setting foot on the Island.

    Neutral season – This runs from the month of June to November.

  • Where to stay

    One has actually a lot of choices when it comes to the place where they can spend the night once they are already on the Island. They can either stay in the town or if they want to be closer to the actual place of Sohoton Cove, they can stay in resorts located just nearby the cove. It is highly recommended to get a tour package, though, since accommodation is already covered on it and you do not have to worry about the place to stay anymore.

  • What to eat

    As mentioned in the article about 5 reasons why Sohoton Cove is a must-visit destination, Bucas Grande Island is not just famous for its natural beauty, it also boasts a number of must-try local delicacies. So if you are a food lover and wants to experience the most out of the local foods of the Island, you better get a package tour which covers the meals within the duration of your stay. When I talk about meals, I mean jaw-dropping delicious seafood, local desserts, and other delicacies that you may not find in other parts of the country.

Traveling is fun but the success of making the whole experience more memorable depends on how prepared you are when going to the place where your adventure kicks off. With the guidelines mentioned above, your visit to Sohoton Cove will surely be an unforgettable one.