Magnificent Rock Formations

A sight to behold inside the cove are the spectacular, scenic and sometimes colorful rock formations, foremost of which is the “dagongdong,” carved through weathering and erosion that sculpted the lime stones into magnificent forms.

Hagukan Cave

There are 2 small caverns inside with the first being dubbed as the “hagukan” due to the snoring sound it emits as the water slams into the cavern. You can enter it by swimming carefully so your head will not touch the upper portion of the minute entrance. There is a big rock in the central portion inside the cavern where you can step on and take a rest. As light comes in through the entrance, you can witness a luminous green color of the water thereby offering the only chance for dark-skinned visitors to have a fair complexion.

Magkukuob / Diving Cave

Surely, your adrenalin would rise up at the Magkukuob Cave, so named with the bending position you must have to undergo in entering the cave, as you maneuver up rocky steps utilizing stalactites and stalagmites as handrails towards a skylight leading to a wooden platform right on a cliff located 15 feet above sea level. But lo and behold, the height is so deceitful as it would seem that you’re gazing at the ocean from the window of the plane. Hence, it would take time for the less adventurous ones to recite The Lords Prayer before gaining the composure to jump into the azure waters.

Stingless Jellyfish Sanctuary

While tales of a number of well-to-do travelers who had been to the Jellyfish Lake in Palau abound but only a few wanderers have known that there is a local version of the attraction… the Jellyfish Kingdom situated within the vicinity of the Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande Island. Seen from a distance while on board a 2-man capacity paddle boat, the minute lagoon seems to be just an ordinary scenery but as you move forward, you could see millions of golden creatures lurking beneath the azure waters. Surely, you’ll be enticed to dive, swim and mingle with the smack of Spotted Jelly or Lagoon Jelly (Mastigias papua) whose stings are too mild to feel, hence, often referred to as non-stinging jellyfish.

Bolitas Cave

If you’re an adventurous type, the Bolitas Cave located just a stone’s throw away from the Tiktikan Lagoon is for you. From a pinched entrance, you have to literally crawl like a snake, tuck your stomach in, trudge with your nose touching your knees and wriggle your way along a 10-meter narrow and winding passageway. Upon reaching the cave’s end and while you’re glistened with sweat, take a seat (because the low cave ceiling would not allow you to stand) and marvel on the perfectly spherical ball bearing-like objects, locally termed “bolitas,” scattered on the cavern’s floor.

Crystal Cave

Another comely attraction within the Sohoton Cove vicinity is an open-ended cave dubbed Crystal Cave. In stark contrast with Bolitas Cave, the Crystal Cave is definitely an easy trek. As you walk along its big chamber and wide passage way, you can witness crystal-dotted stalactites, stalagmites, columns and formations that spark and shine amidst the dark backdrop of the cave.

Tiktikan Lake

From the Sohoton Tourist Assistance Center head on to another attraction that widely gained prominence among nature lovers and adventurers… the 2-hectare shallow body of salt water close to the sea but separated from it by a narrow strip of land dubbed the Tiktikan Lagoon. After less than 5-minute boat ride, slog through a 45-degree rock stairway and, as you reach the peak, let your weariness completely vanish with the glimpse of the lagoon’s turquoise waters below seen in between tree trunks. A few more steps down and, from a vantage point in the reception center, look around… face silence and experience the divine. To cap your visit, hop on a canoe, go boating and get inspired by the sight of the perfect symmetry between the mountain ranges and its reflections on the calm lagoon waters.

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