Few places offer the wondrous mixture of nature scenery and adventure as powerfully as Sohoton Cove in Bucas grande Islands. After years of being overshadowed by its neighbor, the famous Siargao Islands, Sohoton Surigao Del Norte has eventually made a name for itself and became one of the must-visit Surigao del Norte tourist spots. The top attractions in the place include caves that are partly submerged in water, allowing visitors to experience caving and water adventure at the same time. Below are the caves that can be found in the Sohoton lagoon which makes a unique caving experience possible for its visitors.

The Three Wonderful Caves of Sohoton Surigao Del Norte

Sohoton boasts a number of secret caves but these three caves that we will be looking into here are enough to give you a jaw-dropping experience.

  • Bolitas Cave

    The cave got its name from the “bolitas-like pebbles” that can be seen inside of it. It has an extraordinarily descending narrow passage that requires one to literally move with both feet and hands. Have you heard about the “balinsasayaw” or the kind of swallow which is the source of the bird’s nest? This cave is home to a lot of them, the bird’s nest that they produce are actually can be made into a soup, which is considered as the most expensive in the world and is famous for its medicinal value, especially among Chinese folks.

    So where’s the water adventure from there? Well, it is just the opening greeting which focuses more on spelunking experience that surely won’t disappoint anyone who loves daunting adventure. The cave is also covered with crystal formations that your pair of eyes would surely love exploring. Now, let’s go to the highlight of this caving experience.

  • Hagukan Cave (Snoring Cave)

    The only way to get inside this cave is through a small opening wherein you have to swim and duck dive. This one-of-a-kind cave offers a grand presentation of majestic stalactites on its ceiling while you are swimming on its seafloor. These stalactites reflect the sunlight from the small entrance, giving a little light inside. Tourists who experienced getting inside this cave have one common statement – the calcium-rich stalactites above look like clouds when you look at them while swimming with your face up, which they claimed to be a heavenly experience. Hagukan got its name from the snoring sound inside the cave caused by the waves from the outside. The Visayan term for snore is “haguk”.

  • Magkukuob Cave / Diving Cave

    If you think that the stalactite formations inside the Hagukan cave are wonderful, you will be more amazed by the stalactite formations of Magkukuob, now added with stalagmite formations as well. Magkukuob got its name from the term “kuob” which means bowing down as you have to be in a bending position when entering the cave. The passageway inside the cave will lead you to a cliff. Now here’s what makes this caving experience unique – the easiest way to get out of the cave is jumping off the cliff and into the blue-green refreshing water. If you think that it is something that you cannot do then think again since all people do really jump unless you want to go back down inside the cave which is more difficult than getting up. To the daring and adventurous, this is surely a satisfying experience.

Of course, there are a lot of places where you can go to for a caving experience but the one offered by Sohoton Surigao Del Norte is something new and unique and may be the only one in the country. Now, stop thinking too much about the expenses as there are affordable Sohoton cove travel tour packages which you can take advantage of. What are you waiting for? Don’t settle with just reading about these amazing caves, they are waiting for you to experience them firsthand!